Lake Fork Report 10/06/09

The fishing has picked up with bass already into fall patterns. Bass are chasing shad and getting fat in preparation for winter. The fishing is only going to get better from here out once the fish settle into their routines. Weve just had the full moon this past weekend and the big bite has really come on with fish up to 8 lbs being caught.

Lake is currently above full - pool, and is rising due to recent rains. Water temps have been between 70 and 75 degrees. Water clarity has improved over most of the lake, despite recent rains, and winds with the northern ends still a little stained.

The fishing has been great this past month with numbers up to between 25 and 40 fish a day. Big fish up to 8lbs and lots of 2 to 4 lbs are being caught. The deep bite has been a little slow due to cooler temps and the influx of fresh water from recent rains. Best areas have been around secondary points and primary points. Fish have been holding on grass and weed lines from 1-6 ft deep around theses points . The shallow fish have been scattered from the points to the backs of the creeks. A lot of the fish are moving chasing shad so its important to cover water, if you get bit work the area quickly and then move on. Be sure your throwing past the visible cover working your baits through the brush and grass. Pay close attention to what kind of cover the bites are coming from ; some days the bite is better on shallow floating vegetation and other times outside weed lines are best. Some fish have also moved into the backs of the major creeks, and there is some schooling activity in those areas.

You can catch fish on a wide variety of baits this time of year. Lipless rattle baits and shallow cranks in shad colors are working well right now . Rattle baits worked around the outside edges and across flats 3 to 6 feet deep can be awesome. Be sure you have good hooks and a good cranking rod so you dont loose a lot of fish. One of the biggest mistakes I see, are people trying to use a stiff rod on cranks or not having quality hooks on there bait. Spinner baits are also working well on days where there is some chop on the water and scattered clouds. With the cloud cover the past few weeks, I have been throwing top water lures and weightless plastics all day. Walking type baits have been drawing most of the big fish bites, but just about any type of top water will work this time of year. The biggest fish actually came on a buzz bait in about 7 ft of water. If you have a weak heart, bring your nitro-glycerin pills, cause this is heart attack fishing! Bites can be explosive, and its hard not to set the hook on the blow up at times. Be sure you have a follow up bait handy for any fish that misses your bait and it is ready to cast immediately. Wacky rigs, and of course the circus rig, are producing a lot of good quality fish too. Speaking of heart attack fishing, there is still a pretty good bite in the lillypads using frogs, flukes and tubes. The pads stems are getting tough now, so its imperative you have heavy equipment and line for this type of fishing now. If a fish gets its head down just keep tension on the line, put your trolling motor on high, and go in after it. If you prefer to work deeper, I am still getting some fish on drop shots, carolina rigs, spoons, and jigs, around outside weed edges and other deep structure out to 25 feet. Best colors for plastics are natural hues in brown or green. Best jig color has been black/blue, P.B.& J., and Texas smoke.


I still have a lot of availability, so any one is interested in booking a fun day of fishing, with the opportunity for a fish of a life time, just give me a call. Or, if you just need some info or have a question, feel free to give me a call as well or email me.
Thanks and be safe!