J C Outdoors Members:

Thanks to all of the anglers who fished with us this season as we expanded our trail. We have a total of 65 teams who qualified for the spring teams championship in 2009 to be held on Cedar Creek Lake out of the Log Cabin ramp on August 29-30, 2009.
No doubt it proved to be quite a challenge for us as we learned a great deal about the work and challenges involved in this expansion. Thanks to Casey Allison and Jason Tidwell and their team members for helping make this expansion possible on the Ray Hubbard and Eagle Mountain series
I am busy making plans for next season and I am open to anyone who would have suggestions on how we can make our trail better for our anglers. You can reach me at mhowardc@aol.com or by phone at 214-773-5451.
As a tournament director I often have to make hard decisions that I take no pleasure in making as I have to enforce these rules and regulations. As this trail grows the rules will no doubt become more complicated in order to eliminate those grey areas that often rise up in interpretation of some rules by others. I will do my best to keep our rules fair and as uncomplicated as I can.
I will continue to work with other trails and tournament directors to avoid as many conflicts of schedules as I can but undoubtebly cannot avoid all conflicting schedules.
Thanks you for your support of J C Outdoors Spring Teams and we hope to see many of you at our fall events. Our hopes are that in the expansion of this trail that we did not get caught up in all of the work and fail in our representation of our beliefs in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Mark and Diane Howard
1 Capella/Webb 559.23 C
2 Meenan/Heins 551.62 C
3 Fields/Fields 511.95 C
4 King/Riley 488.11 C
5 Swindall/Conover 446.41 C
6 Yetts/Yetts 417.31 C
7 Cook/Huffman 410.77 C
8 Laughlin/Slaughter 400.65 C
9 Moore/Butcher 367.44 C
10 Dupree/Foster 312.67 C
1 Eric Wright/Robert Feagin 630.58 C
2 Paul Pearson/Troy Bontrager 616.9 C
3 Todd Mayes/James Mohler 613.08 C
4 Chuck Turner/Mark Huffman 608.09 C
5 Brandon Wells/Stephen Wells 597.79 C
6 Billy Dyson/Kay Dyson 572.76 C
7 Derek Grier/Randy Maxwell 567.53 C
8 Greg Callow/Jim Reaneau 566.88 C
9 Ken Addington/Dustin Hobbs 515.66 C
10 Troy Rossman/Troy Clemens 495.76 C
11 Don Knecht/Chris Horton 474.54 C
12 Donnie Thweatt/Mike Sanders 465.53 C
13 Jason Buller/Marshall Doig 455.64 C
14 Steve Taylor/Robert Null 436.82 C
15 Cody Clark/Jonathan Lancaster 406.47 C
16 Aneil Kamath/Evan O'Brien 394.4 C
17 Jonathon Davis/Marcus Bell 387.28 C
18 Danny Dulude/Darrell Dodd 367.07 C
19 Michael Picou/Cory Picou 361.99 C
20 Cecil Tubb/Sam Hooten 356.75 C
21 Donnie Cain/Jim Mann 343.4 C
22 Michael Zmolik/Daniel Zmolik 318.4 C
23 James Harrison/John Devine 266.09 C
1 Jerry Dietz/Jereme Dietz 540.04 C
2 Gregory Reedy/Doug Tatman 522.72 C
3 Marco Vaca/Josh Rogers 519.91 C
4 Red Rutherford/Joe Copeland 519.55 C
5 Shone Nix/James Rigdon 509.2 C
6 Danny Niesner/Eric Hansen 509.06 C
7 Terry Alsup/Brad Hill 507.85 C
8 Mike Corzine/Dale Anderson 503.52 C
9 Kevin Egli/Dean Price Jr. 494.89 C
10 John Leeder/Brian Gambill 457.66 C
11 Kevin Thompson/Jessica Thompson 431.27 C
12 Johny Thompson/Scott Burkett 422.52 C
13 Doyle Roy Sr./Doyle Roy Jr. 407.74 C
14 Justin Pace/Ronnie Brown 383.74 C
15 Zeb Strickland/Steve Coffey 375.05 C
16 Vernon Ritter/Drew Smith 354.41 C
17 Mike Earhart/Chris Dudley 333.99 C
1 Donnie Moore/Brian Clark 549.85 C
2 Jeff Neighbors/Burton Green 535.19 C
3 Roger Ham/Troy Ham 515.37 C
4 Timbo Wyatt/Wesley Wyatt 506.58 C
5 Ryan Dusak/Chad Davis 476.81 C
6 John Strong/Ryan McGrail 417.65 C
7 David Stepich/Steven Lancaster 403.2 C
8 Matt Trimmier/Jody Hatfield 349.29 C
1 Dell Tipton/Mark Everatt 665.04 C
2 Guy Cavazos/Rosemary Cavazos 642.12 C
3 Jerry Harris/Cary Stewart 527.98 C
4 Robby Stone/Jim Anderson 517.77 C
5 Scott Jenkins/Robby Leach 505.02 C
6 Tommy Morrison/John Hafner 424.66 C
7 Jody Kea/Dean Stewart 381.49 C