I've returned from my annual Broken Bow trip. Last post was on the whites/stripers page.
The weather was overcast and cool. The fishing was hot and fast. The first morning at sunrise I found a school of the largest white bass I've ever seen or caught. In 30 minuets we caught a dozen white bass by drifting over them. They were 3+ pounds! I used a hellpet and my partner used a nightcrawler rig.Also landed some small mouth and a few large.
Next morning hit the stream and each landed a limit of trout. Rainbow and browns. Most were 10-12 inches. A few were 13-15".

The last morning was the best. It was wet and rainy, the cloud cover dropped so low the mountains were covered. I found a cove and to my surprise, fish were jumping all around us! Every where we looked fish we sky diving. I used the spoon and a rattle trap. We caught large , small and whites. They were so full of minnows tha when we brought them in the boat several flew out thier mouths. Once again, the whites were monsters!
The large were the jumpers and the smalls followed. The biggest was a 6.2lb large. All in all, we caught and released 18 fish in two hours. It was a great trip. I can't wait til' next year to go again.

Tight Lines!
God Bless