Hi, been to private church pond on William D. Tate, where theres the large cross and have another smaller pond on the side. From what I can see, only fish I catch and see is crappie and turtles. It is just LOADED with crappies. Small crappies, very very small crappies. Everywhere we go, theres huge schools of crappies near the shoreline. I mean like, just huge huge numbers of crappies, every inch of the pond's shoreline. Casted my line about 9 times, caught 6 turtles, and 3 small crappie. Small crappie as in about 5 ~ 6 inches. Someone needs to tell them that their crappie population is just extremely out of control and turtles are also annoying as well. I saw from another thread that this is "stunted" crappies. I use to go to this pond alot in the past, and I really hope that they fix this problem. God speed. Someone who knows about this and can help them email them:


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