hello all,

just wanted to let all know that there will be a fishing derby for kids 6 to 16 at chisholm park in hurst off of norwood next saturday june 7th. I will be entering my boy and his 2 cousins since their folks think its better to do other things than to take their own kid to put a line in the water every now and again. haha lucky me. I guess thats why i am the favorite uncle. well its from 7 30 am to noon. so pack a lunch and come on. you do have to register with the park, its free but i guess they want a head count. let me know if you plan on comming, would love to meet you folks from the forum, my sisers and brothers from another mother. hope to hear from you all soon.

Cur-chhhhh!!! aces.cabinets@yahoo.com 972-979-4010 Jaime