Before time Caddo was.
Normal lake level: 168.5'
Pool level - Mar.29th 170.3" Release 4924 (cfs)
Lake is rising - forecast to be 169.8 on June 2nd.
Water temp - 72 to 78
Air temp - 68 to 89
Wind: SW-5to10
Party cloudy
Barometer: 30.09 S
Bass - Good **

Report #08-9
Water - River stain, Main lake stain to clear, back side of Islands are the best place to find clear water.
Caddo is hard to fish when it is high and has a current like is has now, so slow, slow, slow down and fish the down stream side of the cypress trees.

Bass- fishing
6 am -1 pm for all days.
We have been getting of the water before it get to hot these past weeks.
Fish Patterns - Fish the area that have soft current and have Water Hyacinth near the cypress trees.
We have been fishing this pattern for the past weeks, we will keep this up as long as caddo is high and has current.
We have been fishing the back side and the point that have current coming by them.
Areas: Twin Islands, Goose Island, Bird Island, Sand Island, Whatley Island, Little Green Brake, and Tar Island.

Baits we used this day:
We used un-weighted and some with only 1/8oz weight.
a. Senko -
b. Trick worms -
c. Finesse worm rig wacky style: -
d. Super Fluke: Split Shot rig -
Hooks: weight less, 3/0 hooks w/latch-on rattle on 10 lb. Sufix Elite.
Line: Sufix SIEGE 10lb. & 14lb.
Rods: KISTLER HELIUM LTA He66MHS Med-fast Spinning.
When you fish weight less and have wind, you got to have a rod with sensitivity, to allow you to feel bites.

**Areas: We had fish 5 or more. We fish 6 Area this past week, fish have been in these each time we hit them.
The fishing has been up and down for the past 3 weeks.
This past week we had a total of 23 fish, we had 4 over the slot, 7 in the slot, and the rest under 14 inches.
big fishs of the day, 7.50lbs and one over 8llb.

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Until Next Time Catch as many as you can, but only keep what you need.
GOD bless & good fishing
Guide Service
on Caddo lake
903 930-5460

"GOD is good" all the time
Yesterday,today & tomorrow.