Well, maybe I lost my mind, but I promised my little girl, I'd take her fishing Saturday. So, off we went to LT. And yes, all the people that don't use there boats, but once a year were out.

Once we got under way, I road around a bit, and then headed for Perennials river. Didn't make it. She was read to fish, so across from Arkansas bend, we headed in.

I dropped the anchor near a boat dock, and with the first cast, she had a small bass. While it got off, she was excited. Few minutes later, she landed a nice size Perch. Five minutes after that, she caught her first bass.

Well, the story would not be complete unless I mentioned how upset she got at the boats that kept passing by. LOL, she couldn't understand why they couldn't pass by on the other side of where we were fishing. Meaning, away from us.

Now we got on the water around 1:00 pm, which I know is late, but it was her fishing trip, and that's when she wanted to go. I tell all of you this, because at 6:00 pm, when I was ready to pull up, she said, and I quote, " no dad, one more cast!" I love it. I have her hooked on fishing.

Hope all of you had a great day. Stay safe.


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