Put in at LP Marina about 11:00 am. Looked around for about an hour and ran to 155 sub bridge. Wind was blowing like crazy. Did not catch a fish until 5:30 pm. Got a few small sandies and i big crappie. Wind changed direction and calmed. Took off for horse ranch. Got there and hybrids were schooling. 2nd cast hooked something, never turned it, ran out drag and broke off 30lb P line. Don got one 25 inch hybrid and that was it. We watch a man pull up and fish 15 ft to 20 ft water and pull them in like crazy. Saw him catch and release 6 or 7 very nice hybrids and a few sandies. One large hybrid he took time to weigh. He did well until some weekenders moved in on him. At least they found out what he was throwing. He had a home made 1oz brown crappie jig. He let go down and did a fast pump and reel. We threw eveything but money, but never caught another fish. Back to Tawakoni next trip.

Keep Smiling