I saw a post on mend it glue a little while ago and thought I would write a review on it. First off just the fact that it does not stick on your fingers is great. It is however not really a glue, it wont glue metal to plastic like superglue so using it for holding hooks in a worm will not work. It is made to mend soft plastics by chemically bonding it together. I use it on my swimbaits when they get a tear and on expensive soft plastics such as senkos. I just throw my plastics on the deck of the boat and mend them when I get home. Trust me it can and will save you alot of money. I have also used it to make worms longer or make creature baits have more appendages. A normal hook tear in the nose of a senko will only take one small drop of the stuff. Heres how I use it:
1. Put a drop of mend it on whatever plastic I am trying to fix.

2. Squeeze the rip/tear together for 30 seconds or so.

3. Let it sit for awhile (5 minutes or so) it takes a little time to completely cure. Its not ment to be put on the bait and then use the bait again right away.

One bottle of this stuff goes a long way and so far has saved me alot of money especially on expensive swimbaits. I am not in any way affiliated with this company I just think they have a great product. Heres a link to the stuff if you havent seen it.

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Daniel Thomison