Sorry its been so long since I have given any fishing reports from Venice , but the truth be told there hasn't been much to report other than bad news!! Between bad weather and uncooperative fish its been the worst stretch I can remember.

The good news is that all that has changed . In the past several weeks things have really gotten good! The Dolphin aren't here yet but the Tuna have really turned on. Just about every boat going out lately have been bringing in lots of Tuna (anywhere from 3-9) and the fish are only about 30 miles out of the pass, some days they are way out but most days in close and with the price of fuel these days that's important.

With any luck the Bull Dolphin should show up by mid to end May and stay in till the later part of June and if it's anything like last year you wont want to miss it. Last year 30 big bulls in a day wasn't unusual at all.

If you would like to get in on the action I have some dates for May and June you might want to check out.

For May we have openings on 14,15,16,28,29 and 30. For June we have openings on 2,3,4 18,19,20,21,26,and 27.

Normally the cost is $350 a head.

If you've got the "itch" let me know!

Thanks and God bless.

Capt Jerry Allen