Hi,To All.
Just want to post my last minute fishing trip to braunig.[last minunte always seems to work out better]I got up today and saw this nasty overcast with drizzle.Well I went back in to watch sports center as today was my b-day and i had it off.well steped outside about noon 12.and said what the hell,might as well go for a few hours,I was going to cally but braunig was closer took my downriggers and two rods and off I went started out trolling around the dead tree point in 14 ft water hit a red 17 inch then a striper 18 ya keeper.then another red 16 inch this went on for about 1 hour trolling that spot got another keeper striper with mabye 6 throw backs decided to troll around the golf ball in back of lake trollrd at 10 ft deep and hit bigger reds finally a 21 and then a 23 and two more throw backs then one 19 in striper.all in three hours.all were caught on a white/green tail grub and white /red belly grub.I did not have much luck with the T.A>#13 spoons i usally use.mabye the overcast had something to do with it.all in all it was a really good day.too bad they were not bigger but then again it was fun and I would have limited out quik.I was alone.

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