This has to be one of the windiest springs ever. If it isn't blowing 25 - 30 from the South, it is from the North. I know I don't plug many things on here, but I am glad to have my Legend boat. It does make a difference. The lake is still stained in most places, but improving. Water temps dropped a little with the front, but it didn't slow the fish down at all. Water temps are running from the low 60's to upper 60's. We have a few bass done already, some still on beds, and I don't think our big wave has even hit yet. This full moon should put a lot of fish in the shallows. We will still have a lot of fish spawning in May.

Plastics are still working best for us. It is hard to do with the wind, but you have to fish them slow. Flukes, senko's, baby brush hogs, 8" lizards have worked best for us. Anything green with some red in it has produced the best. Are catching a few on bubblegum too.

Here is a real nice 6 1/2 Stack got.

Douglas got a real nice 6lbr. First time him and his wife went bass fishing. I think they are hooked smile

Brian with another real nice heavy 5 on a fluke.

Jake with a spawned out female on a fluke.

A 6lbr I slipped in there somewhere smile

If you are wanting to get out on Roberts, give me a call.



Lake Ray Roberts Guide - Dannie Golden