Joe Tatum, 54, a Texas native, Houston resident, and born in Lufkin passed away March 28, 2008 while fishing on Lake Conroe. We'll never know what happened on his last canoe outing, but we all agree he was enjoying what he loved most during his last moments.

Joe fished all over Texas and traveled in many circles. He was a great fisherman, accomplished cook, outstanding tennis player and friendly to all he met.

Joe worked with a local railroad, HB&T, for nearly three decades and recently worked for a transportation company associated with Star Bucks.

A church, Pleasant Hill Baptist, was filled with his family and friends today, in the 5th ward. Every account of his life was one of a kind soul and teacher.

To help some of you remember him, he had a shining bald head, fished out of a dark green Ocean kayak and drove a small blue Toyota.

This all happened so quick and his body wasn't found for days, so the funeral arrangements were slow getting out. I wish I had the opportunity to inform all of those that knew him of the services, but was not able to.

Here's a link to his guest book, if you have any thoughts for the family or about his impact on your life.

Joe's friend,
Ernest Mitchell