Got out on Travis this morning with TexasEd.

We started fishing about 08:00; finished up about 11:50

Today's conditions for the record book

Air Temp - 46 - 71 degrees; was cold this morning

water temp - 59 - 60 degrees

water clarity - clear to 10'

Bluebird sky

Wind - maybe 3 - 5 mph

TexasEd landed a 14in LMB using a White\Yellow spinner bait with willow leaf blade. It was his first fishing trip on Travis, caught approximately at 08:37 in about 7' of water. It would be the only fish of the day.

We saw plenty of small fish, but they just didn't seem to want what we had. I know if they are on their beds, you won't get much of a bite, but the fish we came across where near the rocky cliff shore line.

I was able to place a white sb in front of one, and no luck. Repeated with a watermelon colored sinko, and got the same result. Lock jaw.

Got home and put in the Bass Location DVD from In-fisherman. Went to the chapter on clear water & site fishing, from what I just watched, the fish were spooked because as well as I could see them, the clearly saw me.

Should have pitched in front of them, and reeled back to them. The two fish I placed the lure on top of, I sort of just placed the lure in the water and let it sink.

I was amazed at how far down in the water I could see, but hey, I learned something today. And I'm sure the next time I go, I won't need to twist TexasEd's arm. He seemed to have a good time.

Of course, he got the first, the biggest, and the last fish of the day. LOL

Other than Treebass telling me to go fish Belton, cause there are no fish on Travis, do any of you have any suggestions or tips for my next trip?



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