One of the few quality reels that i've had the pleasure to use. Not only is this a strong sturdy reel but if you adjust the magnetic cast control correctly to your correct settings you can really get some casting distance! I spooled it with 50lb blue braid backing to a 50lb top shot. I did this for increased lineage. In hindsight if i had to do it again i'd go all 30lb monofilament line or 65lb braid.

During casting practice i was only averaging 80-90yds. Going with a lighter weight line with smaller line diameter means less air resistance that should increase your casting distance greatly. My intent was to cast this from shore but you can either troll to bottom jigging off a boat with the Avets. I noticed this reel is extremely popular for jigging for tunas off charters.

I was only practicing casting this day. Used a 4oz bank on a 11ft Daiwa Heavy Emblem from Charley's Fishing Supply. I would've increased my casting range by using a 13ft MH Ulua Rod and increasing the bank weight to 5-7oz. I was at Waipio Soccer Field, the only area that i can practice near my home.

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