Lake Fork Anglers (LFA) Bass Fishing Club Tournament Results: 6/15/2023

Hard Core – MLF format (All Bass 10 inches and over count).

20 members fished with 57 bass caught

Winning Anglers
1. Randy Bunch with 14 Bass @ 30.60 lbs.
2. John Berech with 4 Bass @ 10.07 lbs.
3 Jack White with 5 Bass @ 6.35 lbs.
Big Bass: Randy Bunch @ 6.89 lbs.

Winning Co-Anglers
1. C.J. Riffle with 3 Bass @ 9.19 lbs.
2. Scott Powell with 3 Bass @ 7.49 lbs.
3. Rick Wright with 2 @ 7.46 lbs.
Big Bass: Jackie Price @ 5.94 lbs.

The LFA club fishes every Thursday with afternoon weigh-in at the SRA Park on Hwy 154 @ 12:45 pm. Two club tournament formats are rotated weekly.
• LFA – Best 5 fish format – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
• Hard Core – MLF format – 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month

All club tournaments are two-person catch and release tournaments with an angler and a co-angler per boat. Anglers compete against anglers and Co-Anglers compete against co-anglers.

LFA members are mostly retired anglers who can fish weekly tournaments each Thursday. Membership is open to all persons who are physically able to fish and function independently in a boat, whether alone, or as a team member during scheduled Thursday fishing tournaments.

Information about club membership can be obtained at LFA - Lake Fork Anglers Bass Fishing Club or by sending an email to