went to lake athens a few days ago, motor quit pumping and alarm went off.. got it on the trailer, and ran some weedwhacker line thru the pee hole,, some yellow sticky gunk came out,, took a hose with nozzle and shot water into the telltale pee hole.. then took muff and flushed the lower unit.,, the motor started pumping water again and the alarm never came back on,, Ive never had this happen before.,, LOTS of weeds and grass at lake athens, also lilly pads with yellow flowers.. I dont know if it was some kind of sticky polllen or what that got sucked in somehow..anybody have any ideas.. the boat mechanic that came said it was the 3rd flush he had to do this week
if u go to lake athens and your motor quits pumping, put a set of muffs on it and try flushing it out with pressure, and back flush the pee hole with a nozzle. I thought for sure my impeller went out, but that wasnt the case.
it wasnt mud daubers or from sitting as we use the boat frequently.. just cant imagine what happened.
Ive seen before where a tiny piece of wood particle can get sucked in and jam a thermostat close, but never the oily, yellow thick gunk that we saw. it was almost like a thick yellow dye.

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