I just got finished cleaning and re-lubing my 2 old Citica’s and my 1 old Curado for the season. Both Citica’s came
Out perfectly like usual. With the Curado, once fully reassembled, i spin the handle to see how well it free spins and there is a clicking sound IF I spin it really hard. If I spin it moderately, no noise. Also, if I do this and stop the handle from turning, the spool with still spin a tiny bit and make a clicking sound. I’m assuming this is maybe the pinion gear and main gear slipping against each other. Has anyone run into this? I know parts are scarce so just trying to figure out what might be wrong.

I’ve heard numerous times that these reels are exactly the same w the exception of the spindle bearing versus a spindle bushing. BUT, i compared the main and pinion gears when i had them both apart. The Citica main gear seems slightly smaller and the pinion slightly larger than the curado. The curado’s pinion gear appears maybe 1/8 inch longer. For those who are more familiar w these reels, could some of that be due to the way one has worn over its life versus the other or do they require different part numbers?

I’m just not sure what to do w the curado. When engaged/reeling regularly there are no issues. Drag works fine
and there is no clicking, no slipping etc.

Thanks folks. Looking forward to your replies