Watch 5:10 For The USA Bound Mezashi Jig Working Less Than a Foot of Water!
Watch 6:09 For The Safe C&R Release of The Jack Trevally "Papi'o"!

Again i'll be highlighting my best bait for Jacks to Bonefish. And the best thing it's free bait! I'll be continuing my testing of Mustad's NEWEST Jig that has taken Europe, Japan & Australia by storm. It's going to invade the USA this year. Because of innovations by Mustad's R&D Manager Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi this jig can be used in slightly less than a foot of water even with a trailing treble hook! And it's a 20g. None of my other 20g asymmetrical slow pitched jigs is capable of this. And i'll safely release my Jack Papi'o that ate my live crab bait. All this in slightly more than 6min!

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