I First Started Using Azores Reels From Sports Authority Years Ago!

Years ago i found out how powerful the original Azores Spinning Reels are from Okuma. I purchased a few from the now defunct Sports Authority & quickly fell in love with this line of spinners. They were a good replacement for my long used Penn SS Spinners from Sears. The first feature i noticed was the thick aluminum bail wire. I was forced to purchase extra bail wires for my SS Reels because if my rig fell it sometimes meant that the thin bail wire got bent & needed replacing.

But that drag! 44lb max drag due to the DFD "Dual Force Drag" system. At that time frame if i wanted a powerful drag rated spinner i'd have to save up over $500 for an Asian model. But at slightly over $100 the 8K & 14K offered an unreal 44lb! I was sold. So i took my 8K's to Charley's Fishing Supply for line. Over 350yd of 50lb braid! Even now when i look at my rigs i still own a lot of Azores Spinning Reels on different rods. None of these units have ever failed or had to be sent back for repair.

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