Trying a New Mustad Tracershot Color Out-Cotton Candy!

Today i used the 20g Tracershot called Cotton Candy. The Jacks thought it was hot. Landed 1 and missed 1. I added on a Mustad #5 Saltism SS Split Ring & a Black Rolling Swivel#9 to make it a complete deal. I used a 10-1/2ft 2pc SST "a" Spinning Rod w/a ITX 3000 Spinning Reel filled with 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel.

With this rig i was able to cast +70yd from the shoreline. Tracershots are asymmetrical so they can be used in shallow depths. I was able to stay roughly 1-1/2hr as i had to meet friends for a late lunch. As always my Jack was safely released back. The other hooked Jack worked its own way of the jig as it was fouled hooked.

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