I Use Mustad Tracershots For My Shallow Water Surface Jigging From The Shoreline!

For my shoreline jigging i must be wary of rocks to reef structures while casting out into estuary & ocean shorelines. From staying away from very shallow reefs to rock outcroppings. Jigs aren't cheap if you snag one on the bottom. Ok, you can also use surface lures. But is the presentation the correct one for your targeted species?

Personally i bring both surface & sub-surface lures. I tend to work areas that i'm familiar within 70yds out from shore. Experienced anglers know that the shallows can harbor some large game. They tend to use substrate to dirty water as cover to ambush prey. Last month i hit a large GT only 5-6ft from shore while targeting Bonefish "O'io" using a tight drag setting by tossing out a live crab.

For working the shallows at a minimum depth of 2ft i prefer using Mustad's Tracershot Jigs. Why? If you know how to jig from shore these jigs will never kiss the bottom. If they land head or [censored] first they are specially weighted & shaped to "sway" back & forth in the water column instead of quickly bombing the bottom.

You must know your areas & how to choose the right gear. I jig the shorelines with a few good experienced buddies. We're all hitting around 70yd out using different equipment but employing the same logic & techniques. Big companies know not many anglers can afford a boat so they manufacture equipment that can let you fish farther off shore than before.

What i'm showcasing is my choice of jigs only. My equipment is also tailored for what i do. It takes time & research to find what works for you in your neck of the woods. When we shore jig our name brands used are all different but the science used is roughly the same. Some may not like the system i use while others may embrace it as their starting point in shoreline jigging. I hope some of you may find how i jig useful.

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