G'day Boy's.....need some help please. ANY and ALL information is GREATLY appreciated.

I have a hunting/fishing camp 51 miles east of Tenaha Ramp on Toledo Bend. I fish the creeks/sloughs/docks within a mile or so of the ramp and have always caught fish. However, I want to expand out, considerably, and fish the oxbow to the N, etc.....essentially the entire N end of the lake, even start working south.

My questions are as follows, as I've already bounced off ten thousand stumps I need to know the best boat lane guide so that I can safely run the lake. I'd also appreciate any tips from the veterans regarding launching and fishing the N end of Toledo. Launching at the lil Tenaha ramp puts me close to pretty good fishing and has proven to be a safe ramp.....no theft/undesirables, etc.

However, launching from the LA side would cut a bit of travel time and open up some new h20 to explore.....but I have heard terrible reports about meth heads breaking into trucks, sawzilling catalytic converters, etc.

Again, any and all suggestions regarding boat lane chips, launching and running the lake, and fishing areas to explore are MUCH appreciated!