I Can Cast My Tracershot Jigs Into Shallow Depths Without it Catching The Bottom!

Mustad has produced the Tracershot Jig Line. I use these to cast as far out as 70yd in only 2-4ft without hitting bottom. These are slow sinking jigs that are P E R F E C T for jigging the shallow flats! I've only recently found out about these Mustadian jewels. To fish the inner reefs i've relied on using lead eggs with grubs for years, but these drop fast!

The problem was distance. To get distance i'd have to use a heavier lead egg. This mean't a lot of lost rigs from snagging due to the rig dropping faster & getting stuck. Now i'm casting farther using Tracershots & that extra distance has increased my catch ratio & has saved me money in replacing lost rigs. I've used 100's of jigs over the years & nothing comes close to these. For the places i fish you really need to use slow sinking jigs!

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