WHO I FISHED WITH: This morning, Monday, September 12th, I fished with first time guests Xuan Qi and his friend, Jacob Liu.

The two Austinites first met while fishing near the dam on Inks Lake years ago and have been fishing together ever since.

Both are employed in the Austin tech industry where Xuan focuses on software engineering and Jacob focuses on hardware engineering.

Both men are originally from China — Xuan from near Beijing, and Jacob from near Wuhan.

Fortunately, their English was better than my Chinese!

My next open date will be on the morning of September 14th followed by the evening of September 15th.

Here is how the fishing went …


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PHOTO CAPTION: From left: Xuan Qi and Jacob Liu fished their way to an 88-fish morning. The vast majority of our fish came fishing MAL Dense Lures vertically through schools of bottom-oriented white bass in 40-50 feet of water.

WHERE WE FISHED: Stillhouse Hollow

WHEN WE FISHED: Monday, 12 September 2022


After a week-long getaway with my wife to the Florida Gulf coast, I returned to Stillhouse this morning and the fishing picked up right where it left off. With no major weather events in the past week, nor any forecast for the week to come, fishing should remain consistent.

We stayed in the action from start to finish this morning, finding 6 distinct groups of white bass, catching fish from 4 of them, and doing quite well while Spot-Locked atop 2 of them. Most of the fish came from 40-50′.

The fish seemed more likely to tightly bunch together this morning, hence, we took most of our fish vertically. Fewer than 5 of the 88 fish came while working a horizontal sawtooth method.

The lion’s share of our fish came on the MAL Dense Lure with chartreuse tail. Using Garmin LiveScope, Xuan and Jacob timed the rise of their lures so as to slightly “lead” schools of fish swimming parallel to the bottom. Once the fish took chase, a fast, steady retrieve imitating the flight of a panicked shad was all it took to seal the deal.

Our single best “run” of fish came at the end, as the N wind died and began to blow easterly. During this ~40 minute span we landed our final 40 fish of the trip.

TUTORIAL SMOKING VIDEO (Vertical): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDSvfXgrAUE
TUTORIAL SAWTOOTH VIDEO (Horizontal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC3FMEQHOMQ

Our tally of 88 fish consisted of 86 legal white bass, 1 freshwater drum, and 1 channel catfish.

TALLY: 88 fish caught and released

OBSERVATIONS: The largest brown mayfly hatch I’ve observed this summer took place overnight. Schooling largemouth action has returned (small fish).


Start Time: 7:20A

End Time: 11:50A

Air Temp. @ Trip’s Start: 68F

Elevation: 8.82 feet low, 0.05′ fall in last 24 hours, 1 CFS flow

Water Surface Temp: 81.2F

Wind Speed & Direction: NNE6-7 all morning

Sky Condition: ~20% white clouds on a blue sky at sunrise, slowly increasing to ~40% coverage by trip’s end.

Moon Phase: Waning gibbous moon at 95% illumination.

GT = 40


Area vic SH0065G – 24 fish primarily fishing vertically

Area SH0214G – 19 fish primarily fishing vertically

Area vic 889 – 5 fish fishing vertically only

Area vic SH0216G – 40 fish fishing vertically only

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