Just Need to Add an Assist Hook & Extra Ring to Create a 2nd Jig & Possibly Enhance The Original!

I love jigging from shore. I can cast my jigs much farther then lures that aren't as dense in comparison. I mainly use flutter style jigs that slow the descent rate. Currently with several rigs i'm using i can get a 25g jig out to 70yd from shore and work it back, even if the depth is only a few feet. I've stopped using lead egg set-ups completely. For schooling seasonal fish inshore the lead eggs are still my 1st choice though. Depends on what species i'm targeting & the gear i'm using.

My jigs of choice are Tracershot Jigs, which are flutter style from Mustad. If i target fish in deeper depths then lead eggs will work as well as heaver jigs. This started when i worked with Mustad during an expo. I was asked to try a few jigs out & i taught myself within 1-day on how to properly use them to target inshore species. I've used heavier larger jigs at the buoys & deep jigging offshore for years. It never dawned on me that i now can backpack much lighter into my shoreline locations with less gear. That means less food & water is needed. Also less gear. And less stress on myself.

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Traveled the World diving & fishing. Became a ranked billiard player in Asia. Won a few senior bowling tournaments. I travel to the US, Australia & Europe working with museums & doing educational lectures.