Well fishing in Galveston has really been hampered by all the rain over the past 10 days. We were having some really nice catches of speckled trout before all this rain hit us. I have been out a couple of times between storms and had some decent boxes of fish. Being honest, rain isn't all that bad but the thunder & lightning & the high winds these storms bring really shut down any bite. The forecast has rain in it for the next week, so I will just have to grind it out until it passes.
Once it does we should be back on the trout. September is close and that is our transition period. We will start using live shrimp under a popping cork and start fishing some new areas. I have been in West Bay most of the summer, but I will move towards East & Trinity in the next few weeks. The bait and fish will start to migrate and we should be able to catch lots of species, but mainly speckled trout and red fish. Hope to have a really good report for you guys next month. Until next time, see you on the water.

Thanks, Capt Alan
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