2022 Ken Novak Memorial Classic at Ray Roberts!

Quality over Quantity was the goal for the Ken Novak Memorial Classic at Ray Roberts. The tournament was a 3 fish limit and a good number of 4lb+ fish were weighed in, including 3 over 6lbs!

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1st Place: Casey Gaskill and Roger Havercamp - 12.10lbs

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2nd Place: Tom Ahearn and Todd Greenwood - 10.43lbs

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3rd Place: Jesse and Cecily Russell - 10.12lbs

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4th Place: Matt Helsley and Jon Montelongo - 9.29lbs

Big Bass: Casey Gaskill - 7.63lbs

Thank you to everyone who came out and fished with us this weekend. We had a great turnout given the conditions. Our next tournament will be hosted at Lake Lavon, Saturday, Aug 27th. Please join us at Kelly's at the Village in Allen, TX @ 7PM on Monday, August 22nd for the club meeting. You can also visit our website at www.mckinneybassclub.com for more information about our club. See everyone next month!

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