When I Started Back Into Fishing & Bowling Years Ago!

A blast from the past. When i was younger i'd fish & dive by day to bowling all night. My senior bowling partner Wayne Akagi offered to smooth my rough edges out. Wayne has helped local angler Leo Alipio when he was a youngster to fishing with Brian Kimata off Brian's fishing supply.

So i started purchasing gear from local shops Charley's Fishing Supply to Brian's, POP, & J&E. Even back then i preferred my red Okuma T40X Whipping Rods over my G.Loomis so i gave them to Wayne, who had a bunch. Of everything that i was exposed to night whipping for reds & scads was my favorite.

Got back into fishing with a vengeance.I found i'd rather share info about what i do. And so it started. Now i'm finding myself wanting to travel again diving and designing fishing gear. I'm designing for a few companies right now so let's see where this'll take me as one company has actually changed their best sellers to what i recommended.

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Traveled the World diving & fishing. Became a ranked billiard player in Asia. Won a few senior bowling tournaments. I travel to the US, Australia & Europe working with museums & doing educational lectures.