At registration it was lightning off to the east. Looking at the various weather channels on our phones it appeared to be coming out of Sulphur Sporings and headed south-east. No worry for us. Our boat launched out of Popes on the west side. When we got to the FM 17 bridge it looked more like it was coming our way. We fished for 30 minutes and then decided to hole up in the boat house near the ramp.
Three hours later we finally got back to fishing.
So, while we had to wait the rest went out on the east side and got to fish most of the morning and the results showed it. And I don't believe I have seen that many 6's caught in our tournaments in quite a while.

All fish 10" and up are keepers. Only the best 5 count.


First Place went to Dennis Bubnas of Lake Fork with 8 bass for 18.87 LB with a 6.89 LB lunker.
Second Place went to John Breech of Garland with 4 bass for 16.82 LB with the 7.68 LB boater lunker.
Third Place went to Herb Powell of Lake Fork with 4 bass for 13.76 LB. with a 6.17 LB lunker.
Fourth Place went to Jack White of Farmers Branch with 5 bass for 11.08 LB with a2.61 LB lunker.
Fifth Place went to Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 8.91 LB with a 6.17 LB lunker.


First Place went to Rick Wright of Rowlett with 5 bass for 17.08 LB with the co-angler lunker of 5.08 LB.
Second Place went to Larry Kelly of Yantis with 2 bass for 8.24 LB. with a lunker of 4.49 LB.
Third Place went to Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 10 bass for 8.10 LB with a lunker of 2.25 LB.
Fourth Place went to Alf Tuggle of Scroggins with 2 bass for 5.76 LB wit4h a 3.02 LB lunker
Fifth Place went to Bob Lambert of Lake Fork with 1 bass for 1.49 LB

This week we managed 60 keepers with just 2 skunks.

So, you'd like to fish at Lake Fork but don't really have the $500 for a guide. You can come and fish with us for a $20 entry fee and a $20 donation for your boater. Unless you are a boater. Annual dues are also $20. Our group of boaters will be able to put you on fish most of the time.

The LFA fishes every Thursday except T-Day and Christmas on 2 different formats. A 5 fish limit we call LFA and a MLF style format where every fish counts, we call Hard Core, 3 special tournaments and an end of year dinner. We are a club of 53+ seniors (Mostly) and are very liberal on members being for off vacations and medical issues.

Right now, we are looking for more Boaters and Co-Anglers.
For information e-mail me at Call 903-440-2797 You can check out our website at

Every Thursday
Daytime Tournaments.
Lake Fork Anglers 5 fish format and
Hard Core. . MLF format

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Lake Fork Anglers
Every Thursday
Daytime Tournaments.

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD of our Induction into the
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