Heat. Is the main reason we are fishing from 6 AM until noon. And for the most part the morning bite has been pretty good right up until this Thursday. At least there was a breeze. When I got back to my truck at 11:30 the temp inside was 112 degrees.
We fish three rotating sections on Lake Fork every other Thursday daytime about 22 times a year...

We fished section 3 today. All bass 10" and up count. MLF format, where every fish you catch counts


1st Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 9 bass for 17.29 LB with a lunker of 4.40 LB.
2nd Herb King of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 9.51 LB. with a lunker of 4.49 LB
3rd Herb Powell of Lake Fork with 6 bass for 7.80 LB with a lunker of 1.92 LB.
4th Tim Gold of MIneola with 2 bass for 5.54 LB with a lunker of 2.49 LB.
5th Terry Thompson of Sulphur Springs with 1 bass for5.18 LB. which is the boater lunker.

Co Anglers

1st Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 7 bass for 10.83 LB with a 3.62 LB lunker.
2nd Bruce Allen of Lake Fork with 5 bass for 10.64 LB with a 3.31 LB lunker.
3rd Scott Powell of Lake Fork with 4 fish for 9.13 LB with a 3.46 LB lunker.
4th Randy Whitaker of Alba with 3 bass for 7.91 LB with a 3.31 LB lunker
5th Larry Kelly of Yantis with 2 bass for5.58 LB with the co-angler lunker of 4.13 LB

60 bass were caught, and 4 anglers were skunked.

For information on Joining the Lake Fork Anglers send an inquiry to sjbasser@gmail.com. We only fish on Thursdays daytime at Lake Fork.
New member fee is $20. Dues is $5 a year and tournaments are $15, We are currently looking for new members- Boaters and co-anglers.

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