I’m trying to help my dad with his bass boa before it sits at a shop for 6+ weekst. It has a 2006 Yamaha 115TLR 2-stroke on it. The boat had only been used 5 times when he bought it and has performed flawlessly(other than being somewhat hard to start and must choke to start when cold) for him for years… until his last trip. It had been sitting for about 4 months. It wouldn’t stay running at an idle and it was hard to start even when warm. Once you hit the hotfoot the boat ran like a top. We suspected a fuel issue. Changed hoses/bulb, cleaned fuel filter. Changed plugs for good measure. Slight improvement but not much. Took it to the shop for a tune-up. They performed a leak-down test(1-3%, 2-4%, 3-16%, 4-13%) and recommended an $8,800 rebuild but also said the leak down was all they had done, they hadn’t taken anything apart to find a cause or failure.

I have heard great things about ETX rebuild so I called. They said it needed a compression test, not a leak-down to determine if it needed a rebuild. We picked the boat up and did a compression test ourselves, 1-98psi, 2-95psi, 3-96psi, 4-95psi. I like that the numbers are consistent, but have only compression tested larger motors that all had around 120psi. Is this normal for a little 115 2-stroke? Does the leak-down paired with a good compression test mean anything to anybody? Thanks in advance for any help/recommendations.

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