Why I Use A Knife With a Serrated Blade Over a Flat Blade?

Over the years i've gone through many knife brands for fishing from Rapala to Calcutta. I've found out for my usage that Mustad blades with serrated edges not only cuts the best but lasts the longest. The reason? Friction. A straight continuous blade will dull faster as 100% of the blade's edge is being "friction" against the scales, skin & meat of the fish. But a serrated edge will only have the outermost edges contacting the meat "harder" than the inner curves between those edges.

On smaller sized fish i tend to pan fry or broil them whole. Larger fish i try to dress on location. On fish scales i only use them when i need to know size break-offs. Like local Jacks in Hawaii. 9.99lb and under are called Papi'o. 10lb & over are referred as Ulua. The scale is only for myself & isn't a needed necessity. Still nice to have though. So far i've been using my Mustad serrated edged boning/breaking fillet knife since the Izuo Brothers Fishing Expo in Hawaii since 2018 & the blade hasn't dulled yet.

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