At 6:15am, Started looking for top water action near temple park but scattered. No boats yet out. Stopped at eastern boat ramp area and located a large stack of white base in 32 feet of water . Jigging spoons were catching non stop with me thumping with rubber mallet. Within 15 minutes, Teri and I were surrounded by 10 boats jigging too. Mid morning looked deeper and found even bigger ones in 45 feet of water . We looked at a couple other places just to return to the first place we stopped early am....... At 2pm, left them
Biting in 45-52 feet of water at 2pm......

Catching bass to 4lbs, in 45 feet of water on jigging spoons...done this before and have deflate their air bladder.

Caught drum from 17” to 22”
Caught whites from 10” to 16”
Caught largemouth bass from 16” to 24”
Caught catfish to 18"

Yep, Teri beat her May 7th big bass of 23.5” and today caught one at 24” . Love to see her catch it, and I took the time to make sure it returned to water quickly and she swam off just fine

Storms approached from south this am but no rain or threat. Green Sea plane touch and go landings on the water on calm waters was cool to see

By noon, recreational boats were out in full force. We were off at 3pm

Great memories and fun on the water
Water temp-79-80 degrees and clear
Most whites were caught on white or chartreuse 1oz jigging spoons. However
I will be buying some of those barbless MAL from Bob soon too.

Robert(me) and Teri were in her 2000 Tracker with foot control TM, manual rubber mallet banging and 3inch 22 yr old hummingbird DF.

Great to see the game warden out

Today is a State of Texas only free day of fishing without a license

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