Here to Promote Okuma at The Izuo Brothers Show at Ala Moana Hotel!

This was my 2nd introduction to Izuo Brothers & Okuma. The first was at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, HI for an Expo where i had the opportunity to work with Sam, the VP of Okuma. We started out the day an hour before Sunrise off Waimea Bay, which was pumping! The waves made safety an issue & Robert fell ill so we went South to try for Bonefish & Jacks along the shoreline.

On the drive i had to opportunity to share my idea of a 3pc HCS Travel Rod for Surf Casting with John, the Product Developer of Okuma. With options that Okuma rods hasn't incorporated into their line yet. John was great and finally called me to try the 1st prototype. After a few twitches local fishing store owner Brian of Brian's Fishing Supply put in a final modification that was a good recommendation before production started.

At first meeting everyone was overwhelming but fishing together has a way of combining separate souls into one. It was nice that we caught some fish & lost a few. So here's a quick synopsis of how i rigged everyone up & how the day went. I just felt bad for Robert, but he was better on the 2nd day of the show.

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