I haven’t really talked about this at all on here. But I had to fly to Colorado a while back to go pick up a car. Got there we drove to get the car everything worked out great. I really honestly didn’t think I would get to fish that trip but took my fly gear. Came out to load my stuff into the new car and saw a broken glass. It was a very secure garage at this you just never know. Didn’t think much of it at first they left my flyrod I keep in Colorado sitting there in the case. Took a work computer and all the spare change and my backpack because it had a handle on the side and look like a laptop. Took me a minute for it to dawn on me the inventory! My GoPro my Boga grips all of my trout flies all of my striper flies and every reel and spare spool I own. Been a wild ride recently with trying to get my son changes in work and having to get a new car. The “Crew” as Capt. Mac would say came together and got me back on the water in a way I can’t express my gratitude enough. Old packs rods line reels boxes flys. Hell upgrade on what I was carrying!!! We have all learned a lot from each other for a number of years. We have all had camaraderie stories and laughter shared that make memories for a lifetime.Love all the times we can get together in bits and pieces but when we can have a big entire group session with everybody standing shoulder to shoulder and catching fish even better! If the whole world would work this well we would be great. I appreciate everyone of y’all thank y’all so much. Oh and chuck I’ll still take your rod and catch sandbass with it bolt we still need to go hit the salt sometime y’all will kill me don’t let me see the secret though. Man it’s always a blast thank y’all again. And hide your stuff when your out

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