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I have the MLF version in my boat and they are very nice. I was curious about the manufacturer so I looked them up and was impressed with their product offering. I guess if you want an accurate scale you should expect to pay for it.....and would want one made by a true scale manufacturer. That is what you get with Brecknell.


Has Brecknell come out with a version that handles water better? I liked the Brecknell units I previously had but seems like no matter how hard I tried to protect them, water would inevitably short it out. Buying a new one every year does not make sense at their price point.

Funny you mention that. I have a compartment that gets wet during a heavy rain and that is where my unit was stored. It fried after it got wet. I took it back to cabelas and told them that a $100 scale shouldn't do that. They agreed and gave me a new one. #2 is kept in a drier place than #1. If it happens again, I plan to follow the previous plan until Brecknell figures it out. Other than that, I love the scale.

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