I First Hit Another Beach to Watch The Lure's Reaction Before Going to This Spot!

I only had an hour this Sunday morning so i stopped here to try my Flanker Speed Jig Lure out by FishLab. I used my 9'9" Guide Select Pro & my new orange GT Spinning reel that i spooled using 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel, by Okuma. My morning wasn't going as i planned. Because of the 4-days of pouring rain i fell down a slope on the slippery mud and "mucked" up my new Mustad long sleeve technical shirt. It's still there in the bushes, i'll be back to get it. Luckily i had a spare in my backpack.

After viewing the GoPro segments i now realize the impact of the fall re-adjusted my action camera. Great. The lens is now pointing down too much at an angle. I did pick-up a pan-sized 2lb White Trevally Jack in 30min. So i released it back. 10min latter i picked up another Papi'o (our local term for Jacks) roughly the same size. Seems my mud covered buttons on my GoPro didn't turn on when i depressed the button to record catching it. That 2nd Papi'o was also released back but got a fast pic on my iPhone .

Both Jacks inhaled the Flanker Lure by attacking it from behind. The way it's weighted to how it moves through the water tells me this is a fish magnet. Now i proved it. Can't wait to try the blue ones and the smaller sizes on my UL rig as well.

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