Cedros 4000 For Light Plugging to The MONSTER 14000!

Cedros 4K For Light Plugging to The Huge 14K! The 4000 is the newest addition & is great for light plugging to casting grubs. The 6000 is a good in-between size that handles large Jacks to Bonefish. Next is the 8000. The true "Workhorse" of the Cedros line. Across the World on Social Media this model is shown plugging for +150lb Tunas from boats. It's my go to shore casting reel for years.

The last 2 are the monsters of this family. The 10000 is massive with 44lb max drag, same as its cousin the 14K. Next is that 14000. The body looks the same as the 10K but with a larger spool. Thus it can hold much more line. Like a smaller version of the Makaira 10000 in size & power.

All Cedros Spinning Reels were designed for salt water applications.

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