My Okuma Makaira 20000 Reel Mounted on my 1pc 7'6" Custom PCH Rod!

I feel the Makaira Spinning Reels are the strongest spinners on planet Earth. And of all the strongest 1pc rods that Okuma produces the PCH line is the best for shoreline pluggers to rail rods for boat charters. These 1pc rods have gimbal butts protected by rubber caps to double ring locks for the reels.

For 1yr i used the 10K Makaira Spinning Rod on my XH 7'6" PCH Rod. That rod was too beefy. So i ordered a H rod of the same size for my Makaira 10K & used that original XH Rod for my new Makaira 20K reel that just arrived today. I'm so happy that i now own 2 rigs that can face down most any plugging to shoreline challenges!

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