I do not have a boat, but I am more than happy to help with gas/expenses and any labor involved. I have been on a boat less than 10 times in my life and need more experience if I someday hope to own my own boat and fish a lot more.

I am willing to travel, I am willing to camp, I am willing to help with expenses, and I'm willing to help with labor. I am laidback and have a good time with almost any company (I prefer my company to be good natured and enjoy the outdoors). My only issue is safely operating a boat and having experience in the water.

Again, if you are trying to fish anywhere within a 5 hour drive from Lubbock and have an extra spot on your boat, I promise I would carry my weight and help with any expenses or labor.

Send a private message or just email me. troynicholson.law@gmail.com