Field Tested my Guide Select Cranking Rod w/my Komodo SS Baitcaster!

Today i wanted to try casting my new bait casting rig at the local fresh water Reservoir but forgot to purchase my fresh water license to do so. So i decided to hit the beach to see if i forgot how to use a bait caster as my last bait casters was several Lews up in Maine in 1989.

I forgot my ball bearing swivels & heavier swim baits. But i also brought my new smaller rig consisting of a 6'9" 1pc Guide Select Cranking Rod with a Helios SX-273 Baitcaster pre-rigged. So i rigged this duo with a standard salt water dunking set-up. I had brought John Bretza of Okuma here before where we hooked Jacks "Papi'o" whipping and brought in nice sized Bonefish dunking on other trips.

Stayed only a few hours. Hooked a pissed-off Moray Eel that curled itself around a rock. But my main goal was to familiarize myself with my 2 new bait casting rigs. I got the settings the way i like them. No bird-nesting. This year i wanted to get away from shore fishing the coastlines a bit. My friends 17' Whaler is ready for trolling & bottom jigging & i finished spooling the salt water rigs for it. Also will get a fresh water license to hunt smallies & invasive species.

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