It's Been Years Since i Threw a Baitcaster! Took 10min to Re-Adjust!

When i was in Maine i used Baitcasters all the time. I got good at pulling up trout using salmon eggs & live worm bait from 7-11's. Since then all my Lews have been in "box" storage. Today i had to try my hand at baitcasting again. My SUV was down for a month & i needed "fresh air".

Winds were strong but i didn't care. It didn't take long for me to re-learn how to use my new left-handed baitcasters since i'm right handed. After remembering to use my right arm brachioradalis muscle area to support & ease out my retrieval i was set. I even was underhand pitching after tightening up the drag.

I had brought my new 9ft baitcasting rod with a new Komodo 273 left hand model. I ended up dunking some smelts on that one. That other rig can distance cast! I was using the Popping Rattle Toads by FishLab today. I also brought the larger Popping Rattle Toads at 3-1/2in at 1-1/4oz. Again that wind hampered the distance but i got my rhythm back. I still have my large 300 & 400 Komodos but with right handed Power Handles for jigging for "big boys".

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