Meet Okuma's ALIJOS 2-SPEED LEVER DRAG REEL for 2022! This Was Field Tested Around The World During 2021!

Last year i got the chance to try out the new revamped Alijos Reel by Okuma. Basically this line represents the Makaira Reels if they were offered under the 20 size. During the field testing we subjected these reels to casting lead up to 12oz. Letting it stand in the pouring rain at night. Be subjected to salt spray for 4-months almost daily.

I made it a point to go out almost every day from piers to cliffs. I even installed the special Drag Cam sent to revamp the torque. This reel is a long distance caster! The casting dial isn't magnetic by the way. I'm looking forward to seeing this reel grace our trolling & HD casting rods this summer. Here's a taste of the new Alijos.

(The Alijos was pulling up Yellowfin Tunas jigging off Florida).

Attached Files Alijos - Cover.jpg

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