For This Demonstration I'll Be Using a Canon Powershot SX40!

I collect seashells for a hobby & to take the pictures i use a portable ring light on a Canon SX40. I usually free-hand most of my shots and i tighten up on my neck strap to accomplish this. Great for field work. I've been using a macro LED Ring Light for years for outside & inside shots. There's better higher end equipment out there but i'm used to my rig.

On building my stack i do use a Vivitar 10x with a filter. After blowing away 3 units i've stopped using the plug-in power cord. Only battery power. I'm a better UW photographer but i needed something better than my iPhone to take pictures with. I still have my Pentax K1000! Lol.

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Traveled the World diving & fishing. Became a ranked billiard player in Asia. Won a few senior bowling tournaments. I travel to the US, Australia & Europe working with museums & doing educational lectures.