I Was Asked to Review These Products by Exact Design!

Years ago i purchased my Exact Design Sand Flea Rake online and i love using it. Before i'd throw bait in a bag above the high tide mark and watch for mini "Tremor" trails to appear. I still do that but within minutes i can gather enough live bait to get my first baits out.

Exact Design liked my Flea Rake review so they sent me their Sand Spike to review. I made a few suggestions which they liked and a newer model was put out. I'm currently working with Exact on a much larger project as an advisor at the moment & i'll share the results after the 1st Prototype is sent. So far they liked my suggested modifications & i hope the anglers will too.

The "mainland" style of fishing differs greatly from what i've learned in Hawaii. Their sand spike works great in the States. In fact the flea/sand turtle rake works extremely well anywhere. Locally in Hawaii this'll work for inside reef species such as Papio (Jacks under 10lb), Kaku (Barracuda), Moi (Threadfins), O'io (Bonefish), basically most species under 30lb. The gauge of the metal combined with the length would be touchy for large predators such as Ulua's (GT's) or Sharks unless you keep a lighter spool drag setting.

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