This Rod Has a Double Locking Reel Seat! And Rated at 2-6oz!

For those looking for a decent surf casting rod that is budget friendly & can also double as your multi-purpose inshore jigging & plugging rod, well here it is! Lure weighting 2-6oz, line weight 12-25lb, 6 + 1 guides, 9'6" rod length, MH power rating moderate fast/fast rod taper at 10.4oz. Okuma unveiled the HD line in 2021 but because of Covid generated shipping issues it has only became available this year.

This is a price friendly option to increase your fishing arsenal. Most of my upper tiered plugging/popping choices are H to XH rated usage. This rod is more of a multi-purpose shoreline rod. In this unboxing i received 2 more Rockaway HD Surf Rods, the other being my 3rd 12' HD Surf Rod (the weight rating on these are an insane 6-16oz). Looks & feels good even with wet hands. Check it out:)

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