My new updated 2022 book of offshore gps numbers for Freeport and Galveston is finished for 2022. It has over 300 numbers many I used when I was chartering. I've been putting out a book for 5 years and improving it with more numbers and distances and types of fish you can catch at these spots. One of my customers from last year called the other day wanting to know where to catch wahoo. I told him where to go now ,in May, and this summer a couple of places. I welcome ALL my customers to call and ask ANY questions they may have. Doug has called me probably 8 or 10 times and we talk about how to catch sow snapper and different other kinds of fish. He won a ling pot in his 1st tournament after I told him where i'd go. You can pm for a book or call Capt. Joe at 979-921-5029 Thanks!