Lake Fork Report 2-14-22
Water Temps: 48-50
Wind: 7-10mph
Depth 6-10 feet of water.
Clarity 1-3ft

Tried some new water on Monday and fished the north west side of #LakeFork Fished Boardtree, there was a lot of baitfish and birds everywhere but only one bite and I think it was a catfish on a chatterbait...We used crankbaits, jigs, worms, jerkbaits, senkos, creature baits, and drop shot..we tried flipping jigs to timber on the main channel but nothing was biting in couldn't fish the docks the water is too low and doesn't reach under them. Then we tried a hump in the middle by a boat morning bite there...then moved up north part of the lake. Most boats I randomly talked to said they didn’t catch anything all day. We did see one old timer fishing a tournament he caught 2 big fish in front of us...(one about 2 lbs the other seemed 7+lbs but almost measured an over) off watermelon green creature baits..we were fishing black and blue jigs to the same stumps! 😆. He was going to check with the weigh master to be sure. The bass seem to be staging at the mouths of the creeks. The one I caught was in 2' of water in the back of a creek on a silver jerk bait. Only bite and fish I got all day, almost a not too bad.

So if I was to do it over again, I would focus on mouths of creeks and fish slow creature baits on timber. You may not catch a lot during the day but the fish do seem to be better in size. Water hazards are there so be careful but the main lake seem to be ok where I was at.

Here’s a map of where I fished. DFW Fishing Forum map

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