The other day my trk. battery was dead. I left my dome light/s on for about 4 days during the last cold snap down here.
My next door neighbor came to my rescue. He introduced me to a little device that fired my trk right up. I have never seen one
or heard of one of these things but I knew I had to have one...maybe two.It's a small hand held battery pack with a jumper cable attached.
Cable wasn't even a foot long. Charge it like you charge your phone.
It's a Power Bank Jump Starter..1500 A by Avapow, Model A08. It can charge a mobile phone, tablet,digital camera etc. Has a LED flashlight. Torch light mode-SOS mode-Strobe mode-Off. There are multiple units with different A's. Great for emergency applications. Mine cost a little over $50.00. NOTE: Forbidden for use on aircraft

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